ios youtube app removed

Its hot and its officially confirmed. Apple has decided to remove the YouTube app for iOS from the latest beta iOS 6 onwards. As per Apple, they decided to take this action as the YouTube licensing deal with Google has ended.

ios youtube app removed
No YouTube app in iOS6

But Apple also confirmed that you will be able to use YouTube on Safari and also Google is working on a standalone app for YouTube on iOS. But don’t expect the standalone app to come out soon as it will also have to go through the “App store approval process” just like Google’s other apps are waiting to get approved, namely, the Google Drive app for iOS and the Gmail app for iOS.

Interesting thing is, Apple already eliminated the Maps app for iOS which was based on Google Maps and introduced a much better and beautiful alternative themselves.

Now that the YouTube app has also been eliminated from the pack the only service that remains in iOS and depends on Google is the web search feature as the search engine is set to Google by default.

Users are actually happy that Google is now working on a standalone app for iOS as they might be able to get the full YouTube experience on their i-Devices now. So, we will just have to wait and watch Apple’s next move until September when the next version of iPhone (rumored to be iPhone 5) may release.

Source: Engadget

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