YouTube Gets A New Browse Page, Video Editor & Video Manager

YouTube has just recently refreshed some of their existing features, which includes the Browse Page, the Video Editor & the Video Manager. First of all, the Browse Page has been updated and has now gotten a fresh & well-designed look, which will help you to find out more great channels on YouTube. Apart from that, the Browse Page will now onwards contain all the most viewed channels of the day which will help you to discover and subscribe to great channels on YouTube. This new design of the Browse Page will help you to find & explore videos under certain categories Comedy, Education, Autos & Vehicles, Pets & Animals, Entertainment, News & Politics, Gaming, Spots and many more. You can check out the new Browse Page right upon here.


Secondly, they have also updated the Video Editor and even added more features to it. Well, since the time YouTube has introduced the Video Editor in the month of June, 2010, they have been adding new features to it quite constantly. But, it has not been updated before the time when YouTube has launched their new homepage design. And just now, YouTube has just updated their Video Editor as they have thought that it looks pretty odd as compared to the latest homepage. Well, they have just added a new cool timeline, easier clip trimming and a moving playhead to their Video Editor, so as to make it more user friendly and eye-catching. If you want to have a look at the all new Video Editor, then just head over to this link.

Apart from that, YouTube has also refreshed their Video Manager by adding some visual improvements and many functioning features. The Video Manger now includes search history, and an improved display of scheduled uploads and claimed videos. Additionally, the Video Manger now contains statistics of likes & dislikes, and also lets you sort videos by popularity. Well, these changes has not been yet rolled out for the public, but you can expect for this revolutionized Video Manger in the coming few days or a week.

What do you think about these changes made by YouTube ? Are you really satisfied ? Share your views via commenting !

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