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In all probabilities, you must have visited a YouTube page in the recent past given that, as per Alexa, YouTube is the 3rd most visited page on the web. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown some light on the top 10 YouTube tips and tricks that should help you to enjoy YouTube videos in the best possible way.

Here are some of the best and most useful YouTube tips and tricks

1. YouTube keyboard shortcuts

YouTube provides a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can make use of while watching YouTube videos. Amongst the YouTube shortcuts, utilizing the arrow keys for rewinding and fast forwarding plus those like pressing the spacebar for playing or pausing deserve special mention.

2. Sharing videos at any given point

It is a fact that not all individuals prefer watching the entire video clip. In that case, it will be feasible to go to the exact position in the video that you find to be most appealing and link to that particular position. For this, it is imperative to pause the video at that position and then select “Get video URL at current time” after right-clicking the video. Finally, you need to copy the link that was created.

Otherwise, this can likewise be performed manually by adding the time. You ought to add “#t=XXmXXs” after the URL. Here, XXm happens to be the minutes, while XX implies the seconds into the video which you would like to play.

For example, is going to become so as to link to the video 34 seconds into that video. In case you would like to link 3 minutes and 14 seconds into any video, it will be required to add #t3m14s after the URL. Moreover, you may likewise use just seconds, thus 3 * 60 = 180 + 14 = 194 seconds for 3 minutes 14 seconds into the video.
Youtube Tips and Tricks - Unblock youtube

4. Find out what is most well-liked on YouTube

YouTube has gained immense popularity at present which makes it a fantastic place to find the most sought-after videos. It will be feasible to find the most in-demand video clips, most recent trailers, recently launched music videos, events and so forth by simply visiting the “Popular on YouTube” option.

5. Add videos for watching afterward

It might so happen that you don’t feel like watching any particular video clip or maybe your time is limited due to your hectic schedule. You can always add that video to the watch later list using an innovative “Watch Later” button located at the bottom right corner of the video. Moreover, you will be able to locate that video in the “Watch Later Playlist” whenever you feel like watching it or in case the video has been saved for sharing with another person.
Bonus tip: You will be able to see the “Watch Later” icon by hovering the mouse over the video’s thumbnail.

6. Make the best use of the search filters

Although YouTube provides you with search results, these are always not perfect. You can make the best use of the search filters by clicking the Filters button so as to get a list. It is possible to refine the searches to the video’s length, view count, when it was uploaded and useful features such as 3D as well as HD.

7. Watch live streaming videos on YouTube

Apart from offering pre-recorded video clips, YouTube likewise features “YouTube Live” at present consisting of live events, music, sports, gaming, education and so forth.

8. Make use of YouTube tools

It is not known to many individuals out there that YouTube also offers several useful tools which will assist us to create innovative content. For instance, you can make use of the YouTube editor for creating videos, editing uploaded video clips, as well as fine-tuning settings including contrast and brightness, pan and zoom, slow motion, stabilize, besides rotation. Among the other tools, mention may be made of YouTube capture, slideshow creator, audio library, captions, not to mention YouTube analytics.

9. Avoid any regional restriction and other blocks

You might find it difficult to play some videos on any particular gadget given that there might be restrictions for you to do so. Also, there might be other restrictions like playing in some specific areas as well. Fortunately, it will be feasible to bypass all these restrictions or at least some of them simply by altering how you enter the URLs into the address bar.
For instance, all you need to do is copy the video’s id within the URL. After this is done, delete everything following the .com/ and then add “v/<id>” where id implies to what you copied earlier. After doing this, the URL is going to be modified as compared to the original one. Once you load this altered URL, the video will start playing by occupying the entire screen while the majority of the restrictions imposed by YouTube are going to be bypassed.
For more info on how to unblock Youtube if it’s restricted, visit this article:
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10. Establish the default video quality

It will be a sensible step to fine-tune the settings so as to use the best video quality given that this will enable you to have a great time by watching high-quality videos. You simply need to adjust the settings by clicking your profile icon at the top of the window and then clicking the YouTube Gear settings icon. Choose Playback under YouTube Account Settings, and after that choose “Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size.” In case the videos buffer frequently or your Internet connection isn’t fast enough, select the option “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video”.

Other methods of watching YouTube

Lots of ways are available to you for watching YouTube videos. In fact, the majority of the Smart TVs at present offer a revolutionary app enabling you to watch your favorite YouTube videos on the TV itself. There are likewise other solutions for all those who don’t own a Smart TV.

Google Chromecast has become an immensely popular method of watching YouTube videos on the TV these days. This feature will allow any individual owning a smartphone or a PC to stream the videos to the TV by simply clicking a button.

Other well-liked options for watching YouTube

Consoles – At present, almost all the consoles including PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii feature a YouTube player.

Apple TV – This is one more fantastic option for enjoying YouTube videos.

Roku – Roku has the ability to connect to your TV where you can watch YouTube as well.

Lean back – This is an innovative way of enjoying YouTube which will likewise provide you with the facility of watching videos on other gadgets.

TiVo – Lastly, we like to mention the TiVo DVR which enables you to watch YouTube as well as other contents.

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