z launcher by nokia

Nokia, the company who has recently joined the highly competitive Android smartphone market had made another big leap into it. The company has recently introduced its first ever launch for Android device. 

‘The launcher’ is the first edition from Nokia into Android platform development for non-Nokia users. The launcher has been launched in limited beta release and is available only via their official website www.zlauncher.com

z launcher by nokia

The launcher gained fame within few hours and was trending on almost all the social networks. It’s basically a home screen launcher for any Android device which runs 4.x or above. The launcher is designed in such a way that it enables you to perform all operations on the home screen itself. I personally tried the launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and guess what? The results were pretty cool for me. Well, when some of my fellow beings tried the launcher they didn’t like it much because of many reasons but we are not going to talk about the substandard points of the launcher, actually we are going to get a quick overview and my first impressions about the launcher.

For me the launcher is a great addition to the other hundreds available in the play store. The launcher’s best part that attracted me is the premium looks and its intelligence. As per my views, it is the most intelligent Android launcher I have ever used.

The device is added with simple and sober grey and metallic color interface which you could see during first installation. The developers have paid much attention towards the looks of the device. if we closely look at the interface, it is actually adopted from Android Kitkat which is a great news for many because people who can’t experience the Kitkat can use this launcher.

nokia z launcher

On the other hand the second most attractive thing about the launcher is its ease in access. Developers have made it possible to add all the applications tight on your home screen, you don’t need to jump into apps section to access any app from now onwards. The icons of the launcher are very much fresh and looks very clean.

As I mentioned above, it is the most intelligent launcher I have ever tested on Android platform. The launcher is capable of adjusting the home screens according to the user’s usage. It sets different home screens with different apps according to your timings of work. It seems so perfect in the beta release that I am expecting a lot more from the developers in the full version.

Another fantastic feature that company has added is the gesture control. Like other companies are bringing in the gestures to open apps now the launcher uses same technology to do so. Isn’t it super cool?

z laucnher demo

Since, this is a launcher so if you are on Samsung then this is surely going to attract you because of its usage. The launcher is very smooth and gives a touch competition to the rest of the premium ones present in the app market. However, there is still a lot more to come from the company and we can even expected from Nokia to make the launcher work in their Android smartphones series. 

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