Zurker a big Scam or Social Network

There has been a huge buzz going around about zurker.com where users are the owners and that it is not owned by such big capitalist but it is owned by small investors group. Right now Zurker is currently in beta testing, and is not available to the general public without an invitation. Pretty much like when Google+ was launched.

It is a good move from zurker.com to copy the concept of Google+ that only the person who has invitation can join zurker. Well if Zurker allows you to create an account easily in it. It won’t be able to get mass number of users registered in it and would attain a 26,361 Alexa rank. As from normal internet surfer point of view it raises a curiosity in his mind why this site doesn’t allow me register and only register to those who got an invitation. Is there something big and interesting going on there and he ends up getting a invitation from an existing member and finally registered to it.
Zurker a big Scam or Social Network
Zurker.Com is said to be started by the Winklevoss twins brothers. The basic idea of the site is that a user would get a share of zurker earning of using it and inviting more number of user to it. At first it looks like a site where users ends up inviting their friends and family to earn few bucks and at last it did looks that. Though one thing is different is that zurker does not say that for inviting a single user you would get that much of amount but it says that New members can easily earn a stake of ownership in Zurker, in the form of a vShare, by inviting their friends in its list of owners page.

The one thing that strikes me that if every user on zurker is only for money and they said that a fraction of advertising earning will be given to the users. But why would a company will advertise on zurker.com when they know all the users of the site are only here to click on adverts to earn money then the company who is advertising on zurker will get bankrupt.

Most of the time surfing on zurker I feel it would not get a huge success like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus because

  • The user interface of the site is not up to the mark. The design doesn’t compile with the social network views.
  • The users on zurker are only there to make lots of money. Not to chat,share or play games.
  • No new features in it which would create a buzz like google+
  • Don’t find any reason to leave Facebook and Google+
  • The site still in Beta version.

Why I feel zurker.com is a scam?

  • Didn’t find any traces that zurker.com is created by the Winklevoss twins brothers
  • The about, inverstors, vshares, Guide and owner pages looked to be written by a passive-aggressive person
  • The main question is how you can be a shareholder of a company which hasn’t gone public yet
  • Looking into the welcome video of zurker it looks like they are insulting other social network websites which i think is no professionalism

See the welcome video of zurker.com what it says?

In the above video i expected to find what features zurker has and how it’s going to change the face of social networks. But the only thing i find out is bunch of various social network icons moving and a text messaging flashing in it saying that

Do we use social networks or do they use us? For the first time a social network not owned by silicon valley but by it’s members. A social networks with owners not users. Join now and get a free stake.

What do you think about Zurker.com or whether you are going to join it? Do let us know.

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